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Admissions and Starting School

Starting School at St Weonards

The Early Years Foundation Stage
The Early Years Foundation Stage starts at birth and continues until the end of the Reception year. This ensures a smooth transition from your child’s experiences at home, in pre-school and then as they start school.

We have established close links with the nurseries and pre-schools and meet with them to ensure that each child’s strengths and interests are shared. During the Summer Term we have several visit days where you and your child are invited in to school and spend time meeting staff and getting used to the new environment.
We build on the information from nurseries and pre-schools and from the information that you give us to assess your child’s engagement and involvement across a range of activities. This information is collated in an ‘entry profile’ during the first few weeks of the term.

During a child’s Reception year we are building a picture of how they learn which will be used to plan for learning when they start on the National Curriculum in Year One. We identify the strengths and areas for development for each child. We want to ensure that each child will have a good level of development to take with them on their journey through school.

Settling into School
The children start school full time from day one as they are usually used to being in pre-school. There is an option to do half days if a child needs shorter days until half term. Parents can discuss this with the class teacher and it can be tailored to each child’s individual need.

Learning Journey
We will be taking lots of photographs of the children and documenting their learning through a ‘Learning Journey’ which can be accessed through a secure online website.

Our photographs make the learning visible ~ we can show how children are learning from first hand experiences. At the end of Reception you will receive your child’s Learning Journey in a pdf format to download.