St Weonards Academy believes that every child should have the opportunity to access high quality education. We recognise that parents/carers may choose for their child or young person to engage in very effective, full-time, and suitable education that does not involve full-time attendance in a designated school. One way could be for them to request that our school considers entering into a flexi schooling arrangement.

Flexi schooling is a unique approach allowing parents to be more actively involved in their children’s education.

At St Weonards Academy flexi-school is designed to allow children to attend school part-time, while supporting their education in the home environment under the guidance of both their teacher and parent/carer. Children are required to attend school a minimum of three days a week (ideally but not exclusively Monday-Wednesday) but can be educated in their home environment Thursdays and/or Fridays.

How Does Flexi-Schooling Work?

Parents and St Weonards Academy sign a Flexi-school Contract that allows children to be educated off-site 1 or 2 days a week. Flexi-schooling can be particularly advantageous for children who have previously been home-schooled and are looking to re-integrate into mainstream education, children just starting school who wish to develop their confidence and tolerance to a school environment or children who are being supported by parents who want to be more actively involved in their child’s education.

Flexi-schooling is available throughout the whole school from Reception.

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