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Herefordshire Council has adopted a new procedure for schools to make people aware of closure: we now inform one website at the Council and they are then responsible for making everyone aware of a closure.  Information will therefore, be available on the County website: or by listening to the local radio stations.

The Governors have discussed the problems associated with disruption due to snow and they would like me to make it clear that the school will remain open as long as there is no danger to the children and sufficient numbers of staff are able to get on site. Of course, we will always accept your decision about whether you can get your children to school depending on conditions at your home which can vary across the school catchment area.

Hereford and Worcester Radio usually display school closure information on their website, so perhaps you would like to make a note of their website address:

You can also go on to the school website: and go to Latest News which will say whether school is open or closed. There will also be a rolling ticker at the top right hand side of the website.

Parents can use the links on the ‘Pupil Zone’ on our school website to direct their children to worthwhile online learning activities.

Also, we hope that you take the time to enjoy the weather with your children – have fun and keep safe.

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